About our project

We’d like to present first of a kind Russian website dedicated to Celtic music. We are musicians and dancers who has been for years (and some for over ten years) involved in Irish, Scottish, Breton and Galician culture. On this website you’ll meet a variety of articles on traditional music and dancing: from basic info- excerpts to blogs supported by multimedia pieces. We intend to cover all the «Celtic» regions and to make interesting, rare materials available and structured.

You may want to read articles, listen to Internet radio stations connected to the website, look for chords and sheet music on TheSession.org without leaving the page, discuss on Forum, post link-announcements to your social networks or comment using built-in features. Suggestions and questions are welcomed and can be posted on Forum (russian, top menu) or mailed (link below).

Information on this site is mostly in Russian, but some general articles like this and related with this page is available in English. All the links from this page (except top menu, menu and widgets) is in English as well.

More about authors and persons on the page «Persons»

Administration of the web-portal Celtic-Music.RU:

Alexander Karavaev

Peter Nikolaev







Our E-mail: celtic.music.russia@gmail.com

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